Around the time my eldest son turned one, I began to notice that he wasn’t behaving the way other children his age did: he was prone to fits of anger, was restless and defiant. 


Before ADHD was even a consideration, I had tried everything to try and improve the chaotic mess of fidgeting, violence and conflict that followed us around. I read every parenting book, tried every reward chart and every type of time-out, all to no avail. I assumed it must be down to something I was doing wrong; perhaps I hadn’t quite got the hang of this parenting thing yet. 

But then one day, after trawling through the Internet, I came across an article about ADHD and a lightbulb came on: this is what we were tackling, this is why nothing was working. 

It took several years of persistence to get an appointment with the community paediatrician, but we were finally referred for an ADHD assessment in May 2019, where we got our tick in the box: a diagnosis of combined-type ADHD.